Veil: Though not many girls opt for this but it is an indeed a important part of the wedding dress. Go for the one that can be fixed on the head with use of a pin or a head band. It should not be too fluffy or too short.

Shoes: Make sure they are super comfortable. You could either go for the matching color of the dress or try out something in contrast/ Avoid very high heels if this is the first time you are wearing heels. The shoe with straps are generally have greater grip and hence easy to carry. Try out shes with some sparkling effect like small glitter beads, patent leather shoe add glamour and so do the shoes with a bow.

Jewelry: Simple elegant jewelry pieces add character to the overall dress and act as highlighter. Choose dangling ear rings if your dress is deep neck. A choker also works wonder. Hand bracelet and rings can also be picked to match the dress. Diamonds are in (were always in). For the neck-piece you could try out colorful rocks.

How to choose the right underwear for the wedding dress

Undergarments: The choice of underwear can actually be tricky. Usually the brides opt for the simple regular whites but be very careful of what you pick for the wedding day. A white would surely show through many dress fabrics. Also, be very careful of the seams, they can actually spoil the entire look drastically. The best option is to go for something very small yet comfortable that ha a very thin or no seams. Look out for different bra options available in the market (see image below) and ask the designer what is best to be word with your dress.


types of bra
You might want to learn abut the types of bra before you would actually take you pick. Just to give you a start there  many types of bras. Some of the popular ones are low back, nude, convertible, seamless, u plunge, adhesive and Bandeau.


different types of panties

Same holds true for he panties the popular types are Hipster, Thong, Bikini, High Waist, Shaper, Thigh Slimmer, Strapless (disposable), Boyshort and Inset.