Excited about choosing ‘The Wedding Dress’? Good, it is important that one is happy an cheerful while selecting her wedding dress. Though it is important to experiment, seek advice and try out multiple dresses before taking your pick, it is equally important to keep these point in mind otherwise you may end up with a dress that will not only ruin your wedding day but may also turn out to be the biggest mistake of your life.


    1. Taking too many people along: People are jealous, people are biased, people are impulsive, in short people are people. While going out for shopping for the wedding dress just keep a handful of people along. People whose style and fashion sense you like. Go with people who know about your style and would suggest you something that goes along with you personal style and taste.
    2. Shopping too late: While buying a dress one must keep in ind that a dress might need multiple sessions before it can actually be fitted as per the bride. If you are looking for a particular type of button, lace sleeve, train or veil that adds few more days. There should be sufficient time between the day you finally get your dress and the wedding day. Ideally speaking the wedding dress should be with you one month before the wedding.

    1. Getting the dress early: should not happen that you get he dress 3 months before the wedding. The chances are you might gain / lose some weight that will again require last minute changes / adjustment. Keeping the dress packed for too long can result in extra creases, loss of shine or at times smell.
    2. Getting a custom dress made:  Remember getting a dress stitched is a tricky affair. The designer has to be really good. He should be able to understand your personal style perfectly. Then there are multiple ideas that you might get while the dress is still in making and too many alterations may actually be more harmful than useful. And to top it all getting a custom dress made will cost you at least 2 times more than picking a ready made dress and getting it altered as per your need.
    3. Trying out too many dresses: It will only confuse you.
    4. Seeking advice where it is NOT required: imagine you find the perfect dress and it is well under you budget. Still you seek an opinion from someone and he/she points out something, chances are they have ruined your dream dress and you may never pick that. If you like it, buy it.

  1. Don’t forget about the underwear: it is a small but important part of the dress. Different dresses need different kind of underwear to go with them. Spend some time and chose wisely. For the underwear specially if your dress is seamless and shapewear. Look at the dress and ask your self if you need a bra? If yes, what kind. Look out for underwear that are comfortable for long wear, do not show and at the same time compliment the dress you are wearing.
  2. The weight of the dress: whether you are going for a beach wedding, or a traditional one remember you will have to keep holding / lifting the dress for almost the entire day. Be careful of the weight of the dress.
  3. Comfort: The bride has to stand, sit, walk, dance and maybe run as well in the dress. Don’t get a dress that might embarrass your or doesn’t allow you to have fun.
  4. Price: Spend a extra dollar on that dress, lady. You don’t get wedded everyday. Set out a budget and try to be close to it, but should not mind spending the extra dollar just in case to you get your dream dress.
  5. The dress should not cost you an arm and a leg: After all it’s a wedding dress. You will not be able to wear it anywhere ever. Don’t spend all your dress budget on your dress only. You need equally exclusive jewelry and shoes to go with it.