There are 1000s of option available and am sure some dress would be available somewhere which will surely catch your fancy and would make you own your wedding day. You can opt for a designer or look out for options available online. It is worth considering that every girl value her wedding the most and would not mind extending her budget a bit if she finds the perfect dress. At the same time if your dream dress is available on a sale or at a cheaper price at another outlet, why spend extra.

Do take out some time to visit the celebrity fashion designers stores they you will get to know what are the leading trending dresses and what their prices are at certain stores you might also find some kind of discount running and chances are while you are getting your dress made or getting it from a local store you might actually be paying more than what you would have paid for designer dress designers most for celebrity designers have certain discount going on for some periods during which you can expect great I am really mean great discount maybe up to 50% or a even a 60% off on the shelf price.

How much does a wedding dress cost?

The wedding dresses are available at all prices. Generally speaking the decent dresses start from anywhere from $125 on wards and the costliest ones go up to $3000. The assumptions are based on the dresses available online and the wedding stores including the designer stores. More than 60% of people are spending like anything between 500 to 1500 on a wedding dress.

How should I decide on the budget for my dress

As a thumb rule it is advised to spend around 3% of the total wedding budget on the dress and under no circumstances should this go beyond 5%. Do bear in mind the dress has to be complemented with equally good accessories like veil, shoes, jewelry, etc.

What components affect the wedding dress price the most?

If you are getting a dress made it the fabric and the designer’s cost that effect the price the most. The more detailing that has gone into the dress the more would be the price for the simple reason that the beads, lace, etc. and the labor work increase on that dress. If you are going for a designer dress then the label is only item that comprise of more than 60% of the cost.

How to save money and yet get your dream dress

The price of a dress with many components would definitely be more than a simple dress. The simple trick here is to find a dress with very little work done in terms of lace, beads, show button, belt etc. and get it accessorized as per your choice. 

Look out for a dress that fits you well. Alterations can be a very  pricey affair.

Sample sales: these are sales organized by store wherein they sell dresses from last season at a discounted prices. Though the dresses are of course a year older but are as good as any new dress.

Plan your time: The ideal time to start shopping fro your wedding dress is at least 2 months before the wedding. If you are the ones who like to do all the shopping at the last minute be ready to spend an extra as rush charges.

What are additional wedding dress costs?

Accessories: veil, hair do, make-up, brides often miss out on these very basic and most important stuff.

Jewelry: ear rings, necklace and may be a hand bracelet would surely add sparkles to your personality.

Undergarments: the bride has to choose the right underwear with the dress as this is something that will actually deice how comfortable she is feeling. She has to spend long hours standing, sitting, dancing, running in the dress. She has to make sure she is absolutely comfortable all the times. The last thing that should bother her should be her undergarments.

Alterations: You may find the right dress but you can always improvise. Many small altercations are not only necessary for making the overall look of the bride good but also to make her feel more confident. Sleeves, dress length, adding a small add-on like a button, belt, bead there are so many things that can come to your mind even after choosing the dress.

Shoes: right shoe make or spoil a wedding. Choose them wisely. Invest well. The shoes should be matching the dress, comfortable and at the same time highlight your legs.

Maintenance: This includes cleaning and preserving the wedding dress after the wedding.


While deciding upon the budget that you would like to spend on the dress do keep in mind then that there are other things also that need to be bought along with the dress there are many accessories that are required to go along with the grace the shoes the glands that jewelry the hair makeup most of the times brides make this mistake of investing too much of a time and money on just the dress and give the least priority to all these accessories all these accessories actually compliment the dress and have to be at power and style and elegance to make the ultimate look of the bride.

Should not happen that you have a very beautiful pretty dress and do not have the required accessory to match up to and vice versa.