Choosing the right wedding dress is the most difficult and fun part of a wedding. The question everyone is tasking each other is “so, what’s the bride wearing”. Everyone looks forward to seeing the bride dressed in the most stunning wedding dress. The wedding dress has to be chosen very carefully and with keeping different aspects in mind. 

No matter how many dresses you try out, how many advises you get on that ‘perfect dress’, there is only one rule the bride has to follow in order to look her best – You try them on and the one that makes you feel that you are Goddess walking on earth, will be the right choice.

Here are some important things to keep in ind while choosing the right wedding dress.

  1. Shape of your body: You know your body best and the people around you would tell you what kind of dress suits you best. Generally speaking Hourglass shaped women would look their best in a Mermaid / Trumpet or A Line dress. Tall and thin women can opt for Ball Gowns, A Empire waist or a A Line dress would look best on a Petite bride. These are just the basic rules (by the fashion designers and image consultants) but do feel free to experiment. Do not play by the rule  book, discover your own way.
  2. Fabric: there are multiple fabrics available chose the best on the basis of the season, the flow and texture of the fabric and comfort. If your dress is draped, layered and flowing designs, empire styles then Chiffon is the right fabric. Charmeuse fabric suits the bride who is opting form-fitting dresses and then there is Brocade for the A-line styles, structured dresses.
  3. Comfort– In the excitement of trying on dresses, many brides forget they will have to walk, sit, and dance in their wedding dresses for long sessions at a stretch. While standing also the brides have to carry themselves graciously, if any corner of the dress is not done properly it may ruin your day. So make sure you practice sitting and moving while you’re trying on dresses.
  4. Choosing a dress would take time: keep sufficient time between the date you decide on he wedding day and the day you start shopping for the wedding dress. Remember this is one thing that would take most of your time and effort. Multiple visits to stores, designers, trial etc. would happen and then may need another few session of alterations. After you have the dress ready with you also need to try out the accessories with it. And may need time on deciding that as well.
  5. Budget: it is important to stretch your budget a bit to get the right dress of your choice don’t be too strict on the budget. After all the wedding doesn’t happen everyday. At the same time it is also important to understand that investing too much (beyond your capacity) is also foolish. You are not going to wear this dress after the wedding ever. Do keep in mind that the wedding dress has to be complemented with equally good shoes, jewelry, make-up etc. So do not spend all on the dress.
  6. Seek advice: do seek suggestions and ask for a second opinion. Take someone along while shopping, trials, etc. Expert advice helps. Everyone has that one friend who is always impeccably dressed, always looking good take him/her along on the shopping. Many decent stores have qualified fashion designers on board, seek their advice. 
  7. Try out the big brands: To get to see all the latest options and you may also get some seasonal discount. At times getting a dress stitched from your local designer may cost you more than buying it from a big brand (under a sale)
  8. Accessories: Keep in mind the accessories you would require to go along with the dress. Should not happen that you pick a awesome dress but the jewelry you planned to wear doesn’t go with it or vice versa.
  9. The wedding theme and the dress code: you are one who is setting the rules and it is obviously expected from you to play by the rules.  Look out for a dress that goes well with the theme of the wedding. So whether your wedding theme is Romantic, vintage, modern, bohemian, beach, rustic, traditional, celestial, or Art/music/travel, pick a dress accordingly. Brides-to-be just give up even before trying out. Believe me there are many more options available that you can think of. The wedding dress market is a seas of options, you just need to set your eyes for the right dress.
  10. Don’t let the salesperson or anyone else convince you to buy something totally different from your style. Don’t take a spontaneous decision. Take your time. Spend time in the trial room. And keep the dress on for few minutes or longer to feel it better.
  11. Color: White or off white are always in and are the most preferred colors for wedding dress. If you love colors you could try these shades Ivory, Champagne, Blush or pale pink, Light blue or Lavender. The safest and most preferred color is white but still girls are choosing different colors to stand out on their day. The basic rule here is to  chose a color that goes well with your wedding theme.