Choosing the right wedding dress per your body type is very important. Not only does it looks good but also make you comfortable and confident. A right dress can surely make the wedding day more memorable for the years to come. Never mind a bit of adjustment, shortening of length/sleeves or adding a lace. All these small changes can really do wonders for your dress. 

Different body types demand different type of dresses there are chances that a particular dress looks awesome on a girl with a very lean body and the same dress may might not look good on a full body or regular size girl.

How do I determine my body type:

A simple rule of determining your body type is to measure your body at 3 places top (around the bust), waist and hips. The different body types are determined keeping in mind the proportions of your body measures.

  1. Banana: all the three measure are about the same. There isn’t much difference then you have a Banana body.
  2. Apple: The measure at the bust level is highest, than the waist and the hips are the smallest, these type of bodies are often called apple shaped body
  3. Pear: When the bust size is small and the hips are the biggest this type of body is called a pear. shaped body
  4. Hour glass: When the waist id the smallest and the bust and the hips are almost same size but bigger than he waist it is called a hour glass figure.

Then there are minute details about one’s body which define a lot of lot on what kind of a dress full suit the bride best few points that make out all the difference while selecting a dress the right dress are long arms long neck fuller bust hips and long legs girls have to understand their body proportions before they choose the perfect dress.

The good part is the fashion designers and the dress makers understand this very well and have been putting in all the efforts required to design the perfect dress as per the brides body you just need to understand your body type and look out for dresses accordingly.

Just trust the designer and help him / her with your input and the honest review of the dress that they suggest. Ultimately the dress has to make you feel like a princess and only you can tell if it is doing so or not.

necklines for wedding dresses

Do you would read or hear this sentence a lot that only you would know that which dress is best for you. Don’t take this too seriously there are certain fashion basics that one has to follow to look good remember it is not about making yourself feel good but everyone that looks at you in a particular dress should have the wow factor like a mermaid dress would suit the best to a lady with girls to show off, A lean and slim bride would look best in a ball gown.

Even a very small thing like the cut of the neckline can do wonders or be disastrous to a dress. Straight across, asymmetric, off shoulder, halter are good choices for girls with bold personality.

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